One of a kinda margaritas, in fact so good we had to re-brand them because others margaritas just don't come anywhere near the perfection of our Bajaritas.

The Original Bajarita

Blanco Tequila + Lime + and Orange Liqueur. Feeling Tropical? Add Cucumber +Strawberry + Mango + Peach + or Watermelon.

The Perfect

Only the best will do. Silver Patron Tequila + Cointreau Liqueur + Patron Citronge

The Skinny

Silver Patron Tequila + Patron Citronge + Triple Sec

Baja Blue

Dive into the Blue with 1800 Reposado + Blue Curacao

Baja Swirl

Our Original + Homemade Sangria

Ultimate Orange

1800 Reposado + Patron Citronge + Gran Gala

Lava Lamp

The passionate color of purple Black Raspberry + Original Frozen


Jimador Reposado + Midori Liqueur

Tijuana Sunburn

Feel the heat! Jimador Silver + Cranberry Juice


Exotico Silver Tequila + Fresh Lime + Cointreau + Grapefruit Soda

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