About us

While many restaurants sell margaritas, we sell a good time! Bajaritas are Baja Mex Grill, ask anyone of our fans on Facebook or Yelp and right away you'll see what we are known for....


We owe our success to the residents of Grapevine. We don’t get that many people from Dallas or DFW Airport or hotels around here. The people that come in here are regulars. They live here. We know them, love them and take care of them. 


We are especially proud of the many policemen and firemen from the City of Grapevine, who often stop for a Baja meal. It gives us a sense of special security in a way. We love them and always take care of them.


Just take a seat, order a Bajarita, relax and let the good times roll! We guarantee you'll become a regular.